Stony Stratford COVID19 Workshop Service


Our typical 'We offer a full range of workshop services in store to help keep your bike running smoothly' still stands but it's certainly not business as normal with the current COVID19 scenario.   

Below we have broken down how we are working and you can book your bike in, it takes just a couple of minutes.  Whether your bicycle requires a puncture repair or a full service we can still help.

You can book your bike in for repair online and we will collect it from you during your preferred time slot.



We have a fully equipped workshop, located in the heart of Stony Stratford.  We have a number of Cytec qualified mechanics that are able to help you in both the product and technical side of the job.  We are also a certified Campagnolo Pro Shop so if you have any issues with your Campagnolo groupset we will be happy to help.


Our turnaround depends on the service that you are booked in for.  Typically a Pre Event check would be turned around within 48hrs, a Standard Service and a Full Service would be within 4 days so you would normally have your bike back before the weekend (we know how important those weekend rides are).

We won't complete any jobs without your approval.  All broken/worn parts will be disposed of unless otherwise requested.  We ask that your bike is ready for us to collect in a clean state to help us reduce the risk of transmission of COVID19, the health of our team and of your family is important to us and we will ensure we do the same upon return.

We offer 3 services and many individual jobs to cover more specific requirements.  At time of booking you can select one of the services or leave it open, we understand you may not know what needs repairing and you will get a chance to explain the problem.
- Click on the Book Online link
- Fill in your details along with the details of your bike (we need more info about the bike than we do you!)
- Complete the payment of £25 for collection and delivery (this includes a £10 credit towards work done)
- You will get a confirmation email with the time window and a few key points
- When we collect, we will call ahead so you can be ready outside your house with your bike, when we arrive we will ask you give us at least 2 meters for us to load your bike into our vehicle
- We won't stand around and chat, it's nothing personal!
- When we have returned to base with your bike we will asses it and give you a  full quote and estimated turnaround.
- Your bike will be reunited with you as soon as we can after it's been repaired, we will be in touch beforehand to confirm the time is convenient.
- Please ensure your bike is clean when we collect it, we will clean the bike down after we have repaired it so it will be safe for you to take in.
Have any questions?  Drop us a note here and we will be happy to help.
Pre Event Check // £40
This includes:
Gears checked
Brakes checked
Lubrication of drivetrain
Tyres checked and inflated
Headset checked and adjusted
Full safety check
*Price excludes parts.
Standard Service // £80
This includes:
Gears checked and adjusted
Brakes checked and adjusted
Headset checked and adjusted
Lubrication of drivetrain
Full safety check
Seatpost removed, cleaned and refitted
Tyres checked and inflated
True wheels front & rear
*Price excludes parts.
Full Service // £130
This includes:
Strip down to bare frame, inspect & clean
Headset greased & reassembled
Bottom bracket greased & reassembled
Clean all drivetrain components & reassemble
Lubrication of drivetrain
Recable (excludes cost of cables)
Bar Tape (excludes cost of bar tape)
Seatpost removed, cleaned and refitted
Tyres checked and inflated
True wheels front & rear
Also includes complimentary gear adjustment after 4 weeks
*Price excludes parts.
General Services*
Replace Innertube // £10.00
Fit New Tyre // £10.00
Fit New Tubeless Tyre // £20.00
Fit New Tubular Tyre // £20.00
Adjust Headset // £10.00
Replace Chain // £8.00
Replace Cassette // £8.00
Insurance Quote/ Letter // £25.00
Clean Bike // £25.00
*All prices are a base price however we will notify you if the work required is more. Parts excluded.
Brake & Gear Services*
Index Gears // £10.00
Replace Gear Cable // £15.00
Straighten Mech Hanger // £10.00
Adjust Caliper Brakes  // £15.00
Re-align Disc Brakes // £20.00
Replace Brake Cable // £15.00
Replace Brake Pads (ea.) // £10.00
Replace Bottom Bracket // £20.00
Strip & Re-Grease Chainset // £15.00
Shimano Di2 Software Update // £20.00
*All prices are a base price however we will notify you if the work required is more.   Parts excluded.
Wheel Services*
True Wheel // £10.00
Replace Spoke // £15.00
Re-tension Wheel // £20.00
Build Wheel // £50.00
Service Front Hub // £20.00
Service Rear Hub // £25.00
Clean Rim // £10.00
*All prices are a base price however we will notify you if the work required is more.   Parts excluded.