Monthly Shop Ride

Join us on the first Saturday of every month throughout 2019 for our sociable shop ride. 

The dates for this year look like this;

Saturday 5th January
Saturday 2nd February
Saturday 2nd March
Saturday 6th April
Saturday 4th May
Saturday 1st June
Saturday 6th July
Saturday 3rd August
Saturday 7th September
Saturday 5th October
Saturday 2rd November
Saturday 7st December


We aim to have two groups heading out for approximately 30 miles each, lead (not necessarily from the front) by Twenty3c staff.

Group 1 will head out at a very sociable 15-16mph average with Group 2 picking up the pace a bit with a 17-18mph average. All abilities are welcome to come along, and no one will get left behind.

You can register via the Eventbrite website, which we’ll put a link up for each month on our Facebook page. We will also make the GPX files of the routes available the Thursday before each ride.

Rides leave the shop at 9:30am with the aim to have everyone back by 12pm. From there you are welcome to partake in a coffee/tea and a slice of cake in our award-winning café or head for home to enjoy the rest of your day.

We have a few shop ride rules:

  1. Rides are undertaken at the participant's own risk
  2. Helmets are compulsory
  3. Please be ready to roll out at 9:30 am, try to arrive with plenty of time to sign in
  4. Bring along the essentials – pump, tube(s), tyre levers, money
  5. Free your mind and your legs will follow
  6. Listen to the group leader
  7. Remember it’s not a race, sprinting for signs won’t move you up on GC!
  8. First one back buys the coffee…
  9. Have fun, we are all out to enjoy ourselves so if it’s your first time, make yourself known, we will make sure you are looked after by our regular participants.

If you are interested in joining us but would like a bit more information, pop in and speak to us in the shop.  We would it if you could join us.