At Twenty3c we understand the importance of a good bike fit.  As cyclists ourselves we know how those millimetres can be the difference between an enjoyable ride or an uncomfortable nightmare.

We have teamed up with Smartfit to provide a great bike fitting solution, Smartfit started out from the Freiburg-Schwarzwald Olympic Centre and the Institute of Sport at the University of Freiburg.  It was developed with world-class athletes and this gives us the ability to ensure that you are set up in a position that both optimises performance and ensures comfort.

I've seen a bike online, can a Smartfit tell me what size bike I need to buy?

If you want to know what size you need, we can do a bike sizing fit for a small fee of £40.  This will let you know the frame size of the bike you are interested in and the setup required to achieve your position.

I already have a bike and would like to get it fitted.

This is our most popular bike fit if you have a bike and feel that are not getting the most out of it.  We can help optimise your position to ensure that you are comfortable for long rides in the saddle.  The fit costs £85 and would normally take 1 hour.  In some cases, you may need some new components but you would be able to choose these before they are fitted.

I'm buying a new bike, do I get fitted?

When you buy a bike from Twenty3c, we ensure that you not only get the best advice on the type and model of bike, but you also get the correct size and setup.  We use Smartfit alongside our own expertise to ensure this.

We offer bike fits Tuesday - Friday, to book your fit get in touch with us on 01908 260322.