My cyclocross season is coming towards an end so I thought I would pen a few thoughts from the last couple of months.

Seasons riding Cyclocross: 2
Cyclocross League: Central, with a smattering of Eastern and West Midlands.
Bike: Two of them (keen!) Bianchi Zolder and Kinesis Pro 6.
Crashes: Plenty.

Five things I will keep in mind for next year:

1. Don’t take things too seriously! The saying ‘Don’t take life too seriously you’ll never get out alive’ is something that I can learn from. In the build up to a race overthinking and self doubt will ultimately not be beneficial to any sort of positive performance. Sunday is Funday!

2. The Three Peaks Cyclocross race is not something to be taken lightly. A proper day out. Relentless climbing with technical and different descents. Renowned as being one of the hardest cyclocross races in the world. It was a pleasure finishing but had planted a bug for another visit next year hopefully.

3. Dry courses are not necessarily easier. The drier it is, the faster it will be and the more aware of your lungs you will be.

4. Just keep pedalling. Anything can happen in Cyclocross and you can pick up positions just by hanging in there.

5. Over-Indulging at Christmas will make January hard. Having not ridden much over the Christmas break it can be a struggle with motivation. Doing a little is better than do nothing at all.