Twenty3c Bibshorts - £20 Deposit

Introducing our new look kit - initial order due for delivery mid December.

How do I order?

The price of our bibshorts are £74.99.  We are taking a deposit of £20 payable at time of ordering and then you will pay the balance of £54.99 when you collect the jersey, at the moment we are expecting a delivery mid December.

You will need to select a size but as it's a new supplier for us we will manually go through all of the orders and make sure we have enough to cover changes.  If you order a large but need to go down a size then we will be able to swap it.  All we ask is you make your best estimate, if you think you need a large, please don't order a small or that could make it a little more challenging.

It is Italian made by our clothing partner Nalini and is packed with features;

  • Anatomic fit
  • 4 needle flat lock stitching
  • Silicone Elastic 5cm gripper on leg cuffs


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