Twenty3c to become UK's First Bianchi Exclusive Store

January 07, 2016

A few exciting changes for Twenty3c in 2016

Firstly, we would like to start off by saying a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for your loyalty to Twenty3c this past year.  Like other years, without all your support we wouldn’t have had so much fun in “the office”, nor continued to be able to make Twenty3c a success which you have helped us achieve.
For us, 2016 is already looking like an interesting year and will see a few changes in the world of Twenty3c which we believe will further enhance the experience and opportunities available to you, our clients.
Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to announce a collaboration with Bianchi that will see us become the UK’s first Bianchi only store.  Since opening Twenty3c in 2008 we have all come a long way and Bianchi, the worlds oldest bike manufacturer, have been part of that journey with many of you enjoying thousands of miles on your Bianchi’.  We see this as a great opportunity to offer you all a better experience in store with some of the most advanced products on the market and in turn, work with Bianchi to tell their story, the Italian way!
Our collaboration with Bianchi will see an expanded offering in the café, additional workshop facilities and bike fitting as well as a full range of Bianchi bikes, apparel and accessories, sitting alongside products from other leading manufacturers.  You will also see a range of mountain bikes and hybrids which until now have not been regular fixtures in the shop so we will be able to cater for more of your family and friends alongside the dedicated roadies.
We are open after our Christmas break as normal, whilst we put the final elements of our collaboration with Bianchi in place and will keep you updated before this happens in February.  We will be having a clearance sale throughout January to make way for our new stock, so if you are wondering what to spend your Christmas money on, you may not have to look too far!  There will be some huge savings in store on everything, so mark Saturday 9th in your diary.
We are also very pleased to be launching the Twenty3c Community Cycling Club to provide opportunities for you to ride with us and your friends.  The aim is to support new riders, but especially to all of you who have supported us over the years and hopefully will continue to be part of our journey.  We will announce details in the coming months and if you are interested in becoming involved in the running or activities of the club, then please let us know.  We want to make this your club so we would value your input to get this project off the ground.
We hope you’ve enjoyed your time off and look forward to seeing you all soon to catch up on your festive adventures.

Felice Anno Nuovo
Ceri, James, Dot and the Team
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