Our Monthly Shop Bike Rides

January 19, 2017

Are you new to cycling, the area or just fancy finding a few new faces to cycle with?

We have been running a regular shop ride for a few years.  It is the first Saturday of every month and is there as an introduction to group riding for everyone!  It is sociable so nobody will be left behind.  Don't be afraid to join us.  


When? First Saturday of every month.

What time? Leave at 9.30.  We open at 9.00 so people tend to gather at the shop and have a coffee beforehand.

How far? Each ride is approximately 2hrs.

How fast? This depends on who is out but typically 15-16mph and we will split the group if there are is a real mix of ability so everyone has fun.

Do I have to register? No but if you have any questions or concerns beforehand then have a chat with us in the shop beforehand.

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