A Little Story - COVID19

March 18, 2020

Ok so here is a little story and hopefully you will be able to relate to our decision below;

You’ve got a bike, it breaks, it’s easy to fix(?), so you try and fix it yourself (yes we know a lot of you who are regular culprits!). It’s easy, you’ve seen it done before and it didn’t take long. It turns out what you thought was easy, was in fact a little more complicated and you make the problem worse, but it’s ok, there is a local shop and they fix it for you but it costs double what it should’ve done had the initial problem been left to the experts.

We are in no different position here to the above, we have a business, we know a lot about bikes, quite a lot about coffee and eat far too many cakes, but right now the advice (regardless of compulsory shut down or not) is that we should all be avoiding unnecessary contact, we are no medical experts, we know a few, and not one of them has recommended we remain open. The difference to the above is the price we pay, won’t double from £10 to £20, it could cost somebody their life, it could be somebody we love, it could be one of you (we love you all to varying degrees, even when you do drive us mad!), and we don’t want to take that risk.

So when we come back, and rest assured we will not be going down without a fight, remember this little story, and remember what we are here for, we are experts in repairing your bike, coffee (and eating cake), so don’t forget to support us then, when the time is right and when we have all fought this.


We had a team meeting and discussed the seriousness of the situation. With the significant number of countries on lockdown and the advice from senior healthcare professionals, collectively, we feel the right decision is to close the store for the time being. We are all looking at ways we can support each other and our community whilst we go through what is quite possibly the biggest fight of our lives and we will update you on these in the coming days but for the time being, from all of us, look after yourselves and your loved ones. Times are hard for us all on both a personal and professional level, but if there is one thing that will unite us, it’s the desire to come back stronger. We can get through this, what the world will look like after this has passed, who knows, but we have ideas, we have plans, now we have time to put them in place.